So what makes YOU a Cuckoo Couple?


If you are a Cuckoo Couple you’re head over heels in love and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together. You adore each other’s quirky habits (maybe tolerating just a few! Haha!) and can’t wait to start your exciting life adventures. The thought of all this makes you feel eagerly overjoyed and ever so bubbly in the brain  box.


In other words: It makes you feel a little Cuckoo


Gone are the days of old-fashioned traditions (and how silly they were!), now is the time to CELEBRATE in a STYLE that is truly ‘YOU‘.


Cuckoo Wedding Photography captures the true, honest, quirky charm of how much in love you two are. We specialise in what makes your wedding yours and yours alone, capturing not only your wildly happy and heartfelt moments, but also the parts of the story you don’t see as your family and friends party like there’s no tomorrow. We will be by your side, from the planned moments to the unforeseen wonders, collecting all your important memories to wander through whenever you want


Are you ready to get this party started and show your loved ones how much you two really mean to each other? Then it would be our absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Cuckoo Couple gang!


Would you like to have a PEEK at some of our CUCKOO COUPLES wedding day GALLERIES? Don’t be shy, go and explore!