ANY questions?

We have the answers you need!
This getting married malarkey can become all kinds of silly complicated! We want booking your photographer to be as simple as possible so we have created a very useful set of questions and answers to help you along your way.
Are you FREE on our wedding date?
We really hope so. Click this sentence to go to our ‘Let’s chat’ page, send us a hello message with a few fun details about you two and then we can talk about how we can capture what makes you two so marvelous!
Can we have a chat before we book you?
We would love to chat with you, we think it’s very important that we all get to know each other before a booking takes place. We need to make sure we get what each other is after and that we’re a comfy match, after all we are going to be with you for your whole day. We are very happy to meet you anywhere within central London for a hello over a cheeky drink or two, but if you are further out, a online chat is just a good.
How do we book you for our wedding?
After we have had a fun chats about your marvelous wedding plans and your all up for joining the Cuckoo Couple gang, it’s then time sign a contract and put down a holding fee (just to note, the rest of the package price is due 4-6 weeks before your wedding). Once you holding fee has appeared in our bank account, we will send you back the signed contract and then you are fully booked and were ready to roll!
Can you hold a DATE for us?
We get book up very quickly and often get enquiries for the same dates. To secure a booking with Cuckoo you will need to send us a holding fee and sign a contract, after that we are all yours and ready to plan all of your fun.
Do you travel for destination weddings?
We love to travel! Wherever our Cuckoo Couples are celebrating we will come and hunt you down! Ha. The crazier the destination the more fun we are sure it will be. If your wedding is a plane or boat trip away, send us a hello message and we can talk you through our destination wedding photography packages.
How much do you charge?
We have created 3 different wedding photography packages for you two to choose from that will fit your day perfectly. Click here to have a look at our price page.
Do you charge for TRAVEL?
If your wedding is based in central London and taking place during day time traveling hours, travel costs are included in the price package. If you wedding is outside of London we might need to have a little chat about booking trains and lodging for the night before and or after depending on all the fun stuff you guys are planning!
Do you discount for very tight budget?
We fully understand how much planning a wedding cost, it can get very crazy sometime. If you are a Cuckoo Couple in need of help, we’re always happy to discuss your wedding ideas with you and see if we can create a solution to your wedding photography needs we are all very happy with. Send us a message with your wedding ideas and let’s have a chat.
Who will be photographing our wedding?
We will both be attending your wedding day. Alistair will be running about capturing all your marvelous moments and Aida will be in the background working like a saint to make sure everything’s running smoothly, being backed up and keeping to plan. If you would like a second photographer on the day to capture more of your story, click here to read about the additional options you can add to your photography package.
Do you work to a shoot LIST?
We like photograph wedding day as they unfold naturally through expected and unexpected moments. But we will have a chat with you before your wedding day and create a shoot guide as well as a ‘please photography this’ list to make sure no important moments.
Do you do group shots?
If you would like group shots we are more than happy to take them. We recommend around 6 to 8 poses though as this will take a lot longer than you think to set up and photography (granny is always off missing by the bar somewhere!). It also helps if we can steal your best man as a hunter gatherer, we hope he has a loud voice!
We’re camera shy, is this a problem?
Not at all. All you two need to think about is focusing on is your day and all the fun you are having. We will be running about in the background finding the special moment and keeping the camera bothering down to an absolute minimum. To be honest, you will probably forget we are there at points.
What happens if you are ILL on the day?
It has never happened before, but if in the unlikely event Alistair is so ill that he can not photograph for you on your wedding day, we have lots of amazing professional photographers friends who can step in to cover your day. If this happens we would transfer any money you have paid to us to them or return your money if we can not find anyone.
What happens if your equipment breaks?
This has never happened and we have no reason to think it would. But just incase, we always carry back backup equipment for everything we use on the day and all our images are backuped in multiple places.
Do you need a meal on the day?
Unless we are doing short coverage, yes please. We run about a lot on wedding shoots and burn through a lot of energy. A meal will definitely ensure our energy levels stay high and keep those amazing pictures being taken. People never look their best when eating, so we recommend that we eat the same time as you guys and within close proximity, if possible, just in case an unmissable moment suddenly happens.
How long do we wait for our FINAL images?
Depending on the time of year it can be between 6 and 10 weeks. This might sound a little long, but you definitely want us to editing them thoroughly to a high standard and not rush them, don’t you
How will we receive our final image?
Your final, high resolution, images are delivered online, password protected, in a private gallery all in high-resolution. This makes it very easy to share with your friends and family, download for unlimited printing and also to create your dazzling albums from. To find out more about our wedding albums please click here.
Do you provide black and white images?
Your final images will be a mix of our unique vibrant and punchy Cuckoo colour as well as some powerfully emotive black and white images integrated between. If you would like a complete set of colour and black and white images click here to read about the additional options you can add to your photography package.
Do you create wedding ALBUMS?
Of cause we do, we love to make them, pictures always look amazing printed! We create large albums, with thick lay flat pages, punchy colours with textured or leather covers that will wow anyone looking at them. Click here to see some examples and find out more.
Can we share our pictures on social media?
Of cause you can! We are very proud of all the pictures we produce and we love it when our Cuckoo Couples want to show them off. Your online gallery has settings which make it really easy to post to social media and share to friends.
Can we have the raw files?
We spend a lot of time editing your images to give them a unique Cuckoo look and that’s why you have employed us to photograph your wedding. You will be very happy indeed with your final collection in Jpg format and will not need the Raw files for any reason.
Who owns the COPYRIGHT to the images?
Copyright of Cuckoo images belongs to us and exists to protect us from having our work stolen, as well as making sure all your images are secure and not being used in a manner you would be unhappy about. Our contract explain copyright in a lot more detail, but you have nothing to worry about as you don’t need anything else than ‘usage right’ we provide to enjoy and share your images with your family and friends.
Do you only photograph weddings?
We specialise in photographing all the amazing things people get up to. Indian weddings all the way through to Mexican Wrestling. We cover engagements shoots, family gatherings, corporate parties, music events, etc. If people are enjoying themselves, we would love to be there photograph it. Click here for engagements shoots, here for family photography or here for our events page.